Marketing Services

Do you have an earth-friendly product or service that you would like to get in front of your dream clients? Let's talk! Some of my services include:

  • Website Customization
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Blogging
  • Print Collateral
  • Search Engine Optimization

Sales & Buying Services

Do you need someone to help curate the best products for your company and to be able to sell them with a genuine and helpful attitude? I can assist with

  • Market Research
  • Buying Consultation
  • Buying 
  • Sales
  • Client Relations


Results Are In Email Campaign for NUbe green

Custom email campaign for sustainable goods shop, NUBE green in Seattle. The campaign revealed survey results that were collected at the stores Sensory Pop Up Event which explored the question "Does brick & morter still matter to shoppers?" This campaign had an open rate that was 16.3% higher than the industry average. Created custom header graphic, wrote and curated content. Other Roles: Kristin Albreght collected data from survey responses and created graphs

Stocking Stuffers Email Campaign FOR NUBE GREEN

Custom email campaign for sustainable goods shop, NUBE green in Seattle. We designed a custom header image, wrote the copy and curated the products to highlight ideas for sustainable stocking stuffers. The open rate was 12.2% higher than industry standard. Other roles: product photography provided by vendors.

Popular Demand Email Campaign for Nube Green

In this campaign, we analyzed data to select the top selling lines and then featured the top selling products of each line when they were all in stock. Photo curation and copywriting was done by Keeper & Company, all photos were provided by the product vendors. The open rate for this newsletter was 11.9% higher than the industry standard.  


For every Keeper & Co. blog post, we custom design an email newsletter to notify subscribers of the new material. We create the custom timestamp and heading for each post and edit the content to fit the email audience. This newsletter had an open rate that was 48.14% higher than the industry standard. Other roles: All photos supplied by product vendors.

Father's Day Email Campaign for Keeper & Co.

Custom designed newsletter for Keeper & Co. newsletter subscribers, highlighting sustainable Father's Day Gift ideas. We created the content, wrote the copy and curated the images. This campaign was opened 41.04% more than the standard newsletter campaign in it's industry. Other roles: All images supplied by product vendors


This is just a snippet of my email marketing portfolio for sustainable businesses. If you would like to see more work, please get in touch!