Simple & Sustainable Costume Ideas | Part 2

Halloween is only a couple days away now and I still haven't decided what I am going to be. If you are a last minute planner-under-pressure kind of person too, I have compiled some ideas for us both that can be done in a short amount of time. They are also completely cool, will not need to be stored afterwards and won't create any unnecessary waste!


If you have makeup around, it can help make an easy disguise for Halloween without needing to purchase anything extra. I love these examples of Pop Art and cat makeup.

Pop Art Makeup | Keeper & Co. Blog
Cat Makeup | Keeper & Co. Blog

Using Recycled and Recyclable Materials

All of these costumes are made with cardboard or kraft paper that can be found in a residential or commercial recycling bin. What is even better, is that they can be put back in the recycling after Halloween and will not take up any space in your home!

Lion Mask | Photo by  Catherine Markel  | Keeper & Co. Blog

This snail costume by Oh Happy Day is so cute! You can find the tutorial here and could use any other light, colorful spheres that you have for the antennae.

Snail Costume by Oh Happy Day | Keeper & Co. Blog

With a recycled box, this air mail costume would be really easy! It could also be turned into a present box or have some of the white outside paper peeled to reveal a peek of the contents inside.

Air Mail Package Costume by  Studio DIY  | Keeper & Co. Blog

Another simple and sustainable idea is to print out a mask template and construct it out of recycled card stock. Wintercroft designs these awesome animal templates that can be downloaded with clear instructions.

Wolf Mask Template by  Wintercroft  | Keeper & Co. Blog
Fox Masks Templates by  Wintercroft  | Keeper & Co. Blog

For more inspiration take a look at Costume Ideas | Part 1 or head to our Halloween Pinterest board. Cheers & Happy Halloween!