Simple & Sustainable Costume Ideas | Part 1

It is officially October and I'm getting excited about Halloween! It's fun being creative, dressing up at work, and seeing all of the adorable little ones in miniature costumes everywhere. In thinking about costumes this year and how I can make one that is simple and sustainable, I've come up with a few goals and some ways to accomplish those goals.

Goal #1

Re-use as many resources as possible

Personally, I am finding it sad that so many new resources are used up for every single holiday, every year. This Halloween, I don't want to buy any new pieces for an ensemble that have not been made with the earth in mind.

Goal #2

Keep it simple

I want to keep my costume this year classy, fairly easy, and quick to make. My goal is to spend less than two hours actually putting it together. 

Goal #3

Create no waste

After the day is over and the night is gone, I do not want to throw anything in the trash, adding to the landfills. I want all parts of my costume to be either reused or recycled after Halloween.

Solution #1 For Accomplishing These Goals

Look for Inspiration in Your Home

Take an inventory of your closet, significant other's closet, or kid's closet. Last year, I was a classic artist for Halloween, wearing my husband's white, button-down shirt, hat (although not quite a beret) and suspenders. I had a bunch of wooden paintbrushes already and put a few in my shirt pocket and my pants pocket. I needed my hands free at work, so I used wire to secure a colorful artists' palette to my arm. All of these things were re-used, created no waste and I spent zero dollars and about 1 hour on it. Here is me with Lady Gaga, a pretty witch, and a raven!

Lexy as a classic artist with Lady Gaga, a witch, and a raven last year!

I also really enjoy this couples get-up, put together by Say Yes. Two striped shirts + black beanies + black pants and two money bags = bandits. Say Yes suggests printing out a large dollar sign and using it as a stencil to paint on a canvas bag. I would definitely not mind using that bag after Halloween too; that vintage style dollar sign is beautiful! 

If you are in need of a black beanie for Fall anyways, American Apparel is making cozy fisherman's caps out of recycled cotton now!

Another one from Say Yes: A magician and rabbit. I think I could find most of these items in my home and then maybe make the ears out of some white wired ribbon or wire covered in fabric that could be re-purposed after Halloween. See their full tutorial for these ears here.

Magician and Rabbit Costume by Say Yes | Featured on the Keeper & Co. blog

If you have a little black dress, or especially a "bat wing" dress like the one below, it would be the perfect start for a pretty bat costume.

Pair it with these easy ears by DIYnamic Style and you are done!

The point is to get inspired by unique pieces in your house and pull them together to create something that fits you! Wish me luck this season and let me know if you come up with any fun ideas from your home :) I will be posting more ideas on how to come up with simple and sustainable costumes soon!