Spread inspiration, encouragement & ideas for progress in sustainable living.

At the heart of Keeper, We want to inspire people to think more about their daily actions and how they affect the planet and society. We want to be honest about our struggles and mistakes without letting them keep us from moving forward towards improvement. This is a movement started and sustained by people who love the world and the people in it. We want to do everything we can to make this place a better home for everyone. In the end, we hope to have nurtured community and connectedness around restoring the world and the beauty within it.


A World Without Waste

Our vision and focus is to create a world without waste and landfills, where everything we use and own is re-purposed, recyclable or biodegradable (including the packaging for our things). This would ultimately lead to a healthy, harmonious and beautiful world.



We believe that one of the most efficient ways to create this ideal world is to live a life of simplicity. By owning less and reducing the demand for more stuff, we automatically reduce the amount of waste that is created. We love to look to the past for inspiration and also think of new ideas on how to live a simple life.


How Keeper & Company was started

After graduating college, I (Lexy) started to learn more about humanity’s impact on the planet and how we have damaged it. I watched some documentaries, read articles and books and was appalled at my own thoughtlessness. Basically up until then, I had only been thinking about myself; how fashionable I looked and how much money I was saving by finding the cheapest products. I had never thought about how the products I buy and the actions I take affect the health of the whole world.


After this new knowledge and mindset shift, it was impossible for me to look at my actions the same. I now get sad every time I have to throw something in the trash because it isn’t recyclable or compostable. When I see products made oversees I now see all of the greenhouse gasses that were emitted during the shipping process.


I began to look for products that were ethically and sustainably made and most were poorly designed or not my style. With a degree in and passion for graphic design and a love of and minor in art history, it takes me a long time and a lot of work to find ideas and products that fit both my passion for sustainability and my preference for vintage design. This resource was started by a desire to make life easier for other people with the same beliefs and aesthetic preferences.


Who is Keeper & Company for?

This resource and community is for people who love old things; the stories they tell and the character that they have. You are passionate about what you do and you love supporting other people who are passionate about and good at what they do. Since you’re focused on your own work and the things you're good at, you don’t have time or the desire to make all of your own products .


Even though you’re a busy person, you enjoy nature, understand its necessity and want to protect it. You love getting out there, whether that looks like walking around your neighborhood, visiting parks, or getting out of town and seeing where the wind takes you.


We invite you to be a part of this community and to learn along with us. You can get in touch with us through emailInstagram or Pinterest. We would love to hear your thoughts and get to know you personally.